Tech, Rebalanced

Save the date: 10•19•19

A day for underrepresented genders in tech, from experienced coders to total newbies,
to gather for civic hacking, training, and community building in a supportive environment.

Who We Are

Tech, Rebalanced was started to get more underrepresented genders (women, trans, and non-binary folks) into tech. Each year in D.C. hundreds gather for a day of friendly learning and hacking. Coders, tech strategists, newbies, nerds, and the curious are all welcome! We are committed to building:
  • An Open, Transparent and Community-Driven Movement
  • An Inclusive and Safe Space
  • A Sustainable Organization with a Strong Foundation

Learn more about Tech, Rebalanced 2019, our shift in leadership and the formation of the inaugural advisory board.


Learn more about our mission and how you can support us by visiting our Patreon.